2022-03-17 | 2:05 p.m.

Today Bear is at pre-school, Ollie is in London and I am not working, and my job for tomorrow cancelled, meaning I have no prep to do. In other words, HEAVEN ON A PLATE.

I decided to start something I've been wanting to do for a while now, which is to have one final re-read and destroy my handwritten diaries spanning every calendar day from 2000-2005, plus also a notebook/scrapbook-style diary containing longer rambling entries, plus train tickets and cinema stubs and the like.

I immediately started taking pics and sending my friend-since-forever Rachel excerpts (as she featured in many of them) and God, how we did live! We had Rachel and her brother over for the week in summer 2002 and my entry proclaimed I'd had an enjoyable time "even though Rach likes to lay in til 4pm."


Another time we were round hers and "slept in so long that we didn't get dressed til 9pm."


I barely recognise the person I was, but I definitely DID have a nice time (maybe cos sleep is so lovely and it looks like I did that a lot!?) and I still think 2002 was one of my favourite years ever. Luckily so was 2012, the year I met Ollie :)

The main reason for the destruction of said diaries is that if I keep them til I cark it then it's likely someone I'm related to would have to sort through them. And no one needs to know that I spent most of my spare time in 2005 watching Lost and having sex with my then-boyfriend. Three times in one day according to one entry. Sounds bloody exhausting.

Anyway, I got rid of all the train ticket et al junk but, working in reverse, only made it back to summer 2005. So loads more to go. But it was a very happy and funny memory-lane trip. And highly reaffirming that the people in my life now are the ones I need and love.

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