2022-05-23 | 9:01 p.m.

Back today from our first ever holiday just the three of us. I say "holiday", more like long weekend. Three nights, which is definitely enough with a three-year-old. Completely understand now why my parents didn't take my brother and I on any holidays until I was seven. Back then we went to Ireland and the man directing people where to park on the ferry asked my mum to manoeuvre into a tricky spot. As a reward he gave us more ferry cinema tickets than we could ever use and we went to see Hook on both crossings! I was utterly thrilled by this!

Anyway, back to the present. We went to Suffolk and stayed in a converted barn on a farm and it was just so so gorgeous. We did Southwold one day and Thorpeness the next, both complete delights. Think I slightly preferred Southwold as the beach has a better proportion of sand to shingle. Arrived full of beans but utterly unprepared and had to do two laps of Southwold town centre to procure bucket et spade, beach towel and child's Croc shoes. I mean, we live four miles from a beach and have a garden festooned with buckets and spades. Cannot even slightly fathom how we missed this.

We had Bear afternoon meltdowns from tiredness, and him waking up for the day at unholy times spanning 5.15-5.45 am, even with a blackout blind in his room. Not in the slightest bit relaxing, but I just love Bear and Ollie so much and can't wait for the next holiday. It's in August in Norfolk, another three nights, but Ollie's sister and brother-in-law are coming along so I reckon one of those 5.15 AMs may be taken off our hands with any luck.

No update last month, was miserable, couldn't face it. Spent three weeks catching and recovering from Covid - a strange and unpleasant illness I found. And had to miss my friend's wedding (the one I endured the burlesque dancing hen do for). But I'm grateful to have only had it mildly, grateful I only lost my taste and smell for two days (fookin weird that was) and grateful my energy returned. But... those sub-6am wake ups can still do one!

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