2024-04-30 | 1:04 p.m.

I'm still here, still procrastinating the things that are procrastinatable (I'm looking at YOU roofers/electrician/patioperson I need to phone to come sort out my shonky house!). But all is OK, although it is a long time since I wrote anything of substance in here.

Ollie's mum had her hip replacement in February as planned, stayed with us a week and then had her sister come over from Spain, who stayed with her for a month. Ollie's family came and visited us for five unfathomably neverending days over Easter which finished me off mentally for about a week. Ollie, Leo and I went to West Sussex for a break immediately after but I failed to enjoy it if I'm being truly honest with myself. It rained near constantly and we visited Brighton only for Ollie and Leo to be drenched by a large wave within about 30 seconds of arriving at the beach. Saying that, I did drink some nice mineral water from the Chalybeate spring in Tunbridge Wells which made me feel really good, so it wasn't all bad.

Leo is now in the last term of his first year at school and doing great with the learning thing although less great with the friendship thing. Ollie says we need to try to socialise with other parents somehow. Shudder! The Reception class WhatsApp group are in the process of organising a mums' night out, which could be a chance to make friends, but I really think I'd rather lick a badger than go, which doesn't help matters particularly.

I decided I wanted to be honest as much as possible with Leo about things in life (excluding that big Xmas guy, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy for when the latter is needed). Not long ago we had a conversation about how dragons weren't real. A few days later we were standing in the indoors section of a park farm, eye to eye with a creature in a tank clearly labelled "Bearded dragon". What does one say to that!? I swear it smirked at me, looking all dragonly, and I had zero response to Leo telling me, "See Mummy, I told you they were real!"

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