2024-02-01 | 10:42 a.m.

I was keen to try and cram in an entry before the first month of the year was out, but looks like I missed it by just one day. Damn! I had a totally mega January though, mostly because Ollie and I devoted the majority of our free time cantering through all of last year's The Traitors, and then this year's. Oh man, I miss it already. It is so so so so good, 10/10. And you're reading this thinking: congratulations, you watched some television!

I did also manage to walk every single day of the month bar two, which were bike ride days. And I read three books, a feat I last achieved in... I genuinely can't remember. I all but gave up reading after having Leo and my brain dissolving like an expired bath bomb. I had to ease back in and unlock my love of the hobby again (not like that time I tried to read Catch 22 and gave up after about eight pages, grr) so started with a children's book, and acquired Goodnight Mister Tom (who isn't from the Mr Men series, thankfully) from the charity shop, which I am now saving for Leo when he's older. I also just finished a Will Carver novel, a very different beast but also excellent. Much more sweary. You don't get Mister Tom shrieking "fuck!" every half a page, even if he'd be justified in doing so at times.

This month is set to be a more challenging one - in a couple of weeks Ollie's mum is having a hip replacement op. Upon her release from hospital she will be coming to stay with us for an indeterminate amount of time while she recovers. Eek. It's best not to think about it too much really, so on that note I am off!

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