A new person for the world!
2011-12-21 | 8:24 p.m.

A very important day! This morning around 6 am one of my best friends Tori had a baby girl (unnamed as at the time of writing). I have a friend who is a parent! Aaaaamazing. I mean, there's the girl from my class at primary school who has an 11 year old but it still seems unreal that my peers are doing something so magical and responsible as creating new life.

My life, in stark contrast, has been Christmas-party heavy and not a great deal else. It's our last Christmas at the Bailey so have to make the most of it really. My workplace recently has been the loveliest, homeliest, entertainingest (erm..) place to be and I still can't believe we'll be gone in three months.

I got very panicked at an important meeting a couple of weeks ago. My question of 'Will there be work for us when we leave the Old Bailey?' was met by the answer 'I don't have a crystal ball,' by my ever so tactful and personable MD. Robin and I are deciding to jump ship in January and enter my company's "Private Diary" which is what Jenn and Hutch do and which is all the boring civil shit and occasional gem like the Leveson Inquiry. So we're going to have our induction in the first week of January. Both of us love the Bailey too much to completely leave so if things turn out right we'll each be doing two days PD, three Bailey per week until we leave for good at the end of March, so hopefully it won't be too unbearable and my judge won't feel I've abandoned him!

Went to Germany three weeks ago to see my brother and go to the Christmas markets. The three most memorable moments were...

1. On the plane there, when a doddery old man got up to use the toilet, but unfortunately got the place where one goes to piss mixed up with the FREAKING EMERGENCY EXIT DOOR. How we laughed!

2. Katie befriending a dog in the place we were eating dinner on the Saturday night and then telling the dog owners, who were also with a child, (in German) that they had a very nice son. Their reply was 'She is a girl and her name is Elizabeth.'

3. Mine, Katie and Reeta's hand luggage being too heavy for the flight home on Ryanair (*hisses*) and having to go through security with a book concealed in my jumper, a hairdryer in one coat pocket and a gluhwein mug and umbrella in the other. Katie and Reeta put on as many of their clothes as they could which included Reeta wearing some pyjama bottoms as a belt. Ahahaha.

So tired. Two more days of work and then I'll be Stevenage-bound Friday evening and hopefully finishing my shopping on Christmas Eve before going out with my old chums. It really is the most wonderful time of the year; warmth and happiness abound!

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