No offence but you're a decrepit monkey skeleton
2012-01-30 | 7:15 p.m.

It's a good thing I didn't make any New Year's resolutions else I fear I'd be failing them all pretty spectacularly. What can you say for yourself when one of your biggest achievements of the month is developing an addiction to One Foot In The Grave? I ask you. Add on drinking too much, eating too much, all but giving up exercise (*trying* to change this, btw) aaaand welcome to my life!

Though I have to confess, this month has been very, very fun. It started off with a weekend in Clacton, my first holiday of 2012, which was cold but a very pleasant weekend which mainly involved seaside walks and minor gambling. Other than some dubious white splash stains on the pullout sofa bed our 12 Travelodge was ace! We even managed a pre-going out hotel room party, which saw Katie, Reeta and I drinking "Country Mist" (Essex version of Baileys!?), Cherry Lambrini and red wine. A harmonious trio? The answer is yum.

Following weekend, Leicester with Natalie, again booked in at a 12 Travelodge. Could really have started better as I rocked up to the ticket desk in St Pancras only to be told that I couldn't purchase a ticket as there weren't any trains running. FAAACK! Managed to get up there via Peterborough with the added bonus that I'm becoming very au fait with various English towns. Excellent. Then we went to Fan Club. Yay.

The weekend before last I finally got to see Tori, Pete and the new addition, Alana. I was massively impressed that I managed to competently hold her and rock her gently in my arms without any tears (on my part that is; Alana bawled the house down), ate many a Mr Kipling cake and just enjoyed being with friends I love in the presence of a brand new human being, also very loved.

Weekend just gone I spent in Stevenage, out with my dad for dinner on Friday (actually really enjoyed it), three bike rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (TOLD YOU I'm trying to change my slovenly ways!), spending time with my mum and stepdad and then coming back Sunday afternoon to go and see New Journo.

It is going well. Early days and all dat but I like his company and we're off to Hastings at the weekend :) On one of our first dates earlier on in the month we went to see Bridesmaids as it was showing at a little independent cinema near where he lives in South London. I was talking to my manager about this film the other week and confessed that I've now seen it four times at the cinema; once with friends and three times on dates. With different men. Not that I'm proud of that! Well, actually I am, but I don't like to make a song and dance out of it.

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