2019-05-30 | 2:47 p.m.

Waaaaaah! Photobucket now tells me I can only have 250 images hosted for free but that I have over a thousand. So I imagine the photos in this almost 17 year old diary (good grief) are going to go kaput. Anyone know a good alternative free photo hosting site?

Gutted that I can't post photos of the bear doing the two new things he can do since the last time I was here - sitting up and smearing food everywhere. Some of it actually gets eaten! I let him have some of my Fruit Pastilles ice lolly earlier today too, as Jenn and her kids came to play and we had a picnic and an ice lolly and he looked so envious. Pretty sure that's not in the baby-led weaning recipe book but never mind.

Things fine here. As my maternity leave draws to a close in a little over a month I can't honestly say I've enjoyed it, but there are moments and times of joy and I'm having far more okay days than bad ones these days. I've done a couple of days back at work and there are more on the horizon (need to cram some in before August/September ridiculously long court summer holidays). Had to give up breastfeeding so I could go to work but that was okay in the end and didn't make me feel too sad. Babies are constantly changing and I'm someone who hates change but I'm pleased with my adaptability, actually.

He's just woken up from his nap. More another time.

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