Sunshine in the morning
2004-05-11 | 2:41 p.m.

There's a man who lingers around on either the street I live on or the one I have to walk down to get to uni and he is becoming increasingly worrying. Really, is it normal to throw hats, bibles and squirrels in the air as someone walks past? (Ok, maybe not squirrels...but that still doesn't stop him being weird.)

I need to see my personal tutor about my dissertation. I remember him saying to read some books over Easter, which I kind of didn't get round to doing. Looks like that's what I'll be doing for the rest of the day then.

It's a good day to be out of the house. The lesbians are in a mood because Tori and Natalie drank their gin, which I suppose does give them reason to be annoyed, but not at me fer Christ's sake! I don't like gin. I took some from the drinks cabinet in my house when I was about fourteen and had nightmares about juniper berries for weeks on end.

As soon as I got back from having spent the weekend at my boyfriend's yesterday I had a message off Tori saying to come to the student union for some drinks. A pleasant way to spend the afternoon, I thought, only I arrived to discover that her boyfriend had cheated on her on Saturday night and thus ensued the consumption of roughly eight snakebites (her, not me), paracetamol and no food whatsoever. She's now gone home until Sunday. Things look a little more than morbid.

I woke up and contemplated doing some revision this morning. I didn't end up doing any, but the mere fact that I THOUGHT about doing some is surely to be commended.

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