All the boys and all the girls go
2010-01-24 | 12:26 p.m.

Currently on a Megabus with Jenn coming back from Cardiff and writing this on my phone which is VERY STRANGE. The phone entry I mean, not the Megabus, though saying that we're not entirely sure it's taking us back to London instead of, say, the Lake District. The driver also had a nice little chat with us about his time in Wandsworth prison. Marvellous.

So we've had a brief trip to Cardiff for one of Jenn's friend's birthdays and to visit Kim and have a night out at the student union. Man, am I getting old but more importantly, I DO NOT CARE. A cute blond fresher boy pushed in front of me at the heaving bar and, deciding he needed to learn some manners I yanked him by the shoulders and bellowed 'GET BACK SON!' and politely explained I'd been before him. He looked genuinely scared of me which was impressive as I'm about as terrifying as a fluffy kitten . Anyway, it was fun, I'm passing rolling green countryside as I write this and if we ignore the vague alcohol-induced nausea then everything's grrreat.

My new laptop should be arriving in mere days so I will be catching up properly with internet land soon. Maybe I'll get round to mentioning my weekend in Norfolk with Stu (which was bloody brilliant) and the fact that Jenn and I are moving to North London in March - Caledonian Road, which is so close to everything that it is actually on the CENTRAL LONDON TUBE MAP! Excited beyond belief doesn't quite cover it though I'm less excited about having to move on a Monday evening after work. That'll be fun. Or, you know, not. This has just taken about ten years to write and probably won't even work so I'll leave it here for now amigos.

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