Pre-Barca Prep
2010-04-08 | 2:45 p.m.

Barcelona tomorrow! I've conveniently ignored the fact I am rather scared of flying (I might check if there's any Valium left in the downstairs toilet cabinet) and been concentrating more on the likelihood that it's going to be a warm and pleasant 20ish degrees Friday through to Sunday and then plummeting to 12 degrees on Monday. And as we are going by easyJet and are only allowed one, small piece of hand luggage I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO PACK FOR THE OCCASION.

Unless I just *wear* all my winter garb on the flight over, doubtless emerging the other end like a melting yeti.

I had an involuntary day off today, so I came back to Stevenage last night, as it's Stevenage friends I'm holidaying with and we're flying from Luton, and have spent today getting last minute items.

As well as the necessity that is Closer magazine, I thought I would be sensible and pick up a few medical bits and pieces, on the off chance we should need them - paracetamol, plasters, Imodium. At the till, the Imodium flashed up the wrong price; 3.22 instead of the 88p it'd been advertised as being. The cashier rang her bell for a price check and at least three attractive male employees rushed over, while she waggled the box of diarrhoea remedy around for an entire shop full of customers to see.

She clearly mistook my abject embarrassment for a desperate need to pass some watery stools because she then turned to me and (God knows what compelled her) remarked, 'You just need it sometimes, don't you love!'


My plan for this afternoon is to read in the garden, go for a bike ride and possibly then, with much anguish, think about packing.

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