Bon voyage!
2010-09-01 | 7:58 p.m.

Sometimes (and by that I mean most days) I wonder what the fuck I'm doing in almost every regard.

I had my date with Probation Guy. He's cool (and I won't say this conclusively) but I don't think enough of a spark existed for there to be the capacity for anything else to happen. I had a decent enough time with him, but by the time he departed I began to freak out, as we'd gone from nothing to fervent emails, texts and phone calls and spending 24 hours together in the space of *one week*. When he left my mind rose-tintedly began wandering back to those 'halcyon days' of singledom (of only a few days whence!) which is probably the final nail in the coffin of the briefest relationship I've ever had.

Work: sick of it at the moment. Though it did not help yesterday when my court was freezing (due to my being sat by an air vent whose tube was pumped directly from the deepest Antarctica. Probably) and some old barrister dude quipped that he would like me to have a Marilyn Monroe moment with my skirt blowing upwards, or if I was still cold he'd swap his gown for my clothes whilst defending some Mr Stabby scumbag. FECK OFF, PERVERT.

I was chatting to one of the Old Bailey journalists today though, saying how I was fed up with life working in a criminal court. I then realised it was 11 o'clock and I hadn't even started work yet. And because I was in a different courtroom today it was warmer, and the case was actually interesting. I finished just after 4.00 - it could be worse!

Tomorrow I'M GOING TO AMSTERDAM! At the moment I'm vaguely worried Tim regrets ever asking me if I wanted to go in the first place. In 2005/6 we worked alongside one another every day. From 2007 to present we have seen each other twice or three times a year max. And now it's me and him for five days in a foreign country. I hope we cope okay together but I just genuinely have no idea. Still, it's all life experience, eh? Mushrooms would be an experience too but I've been advised to avoid those.

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