2014-02-21 | 5:11 p.m.

I feel this day needs to be marked in history because TOMORROW I AM MOVING IN WITH OLLIE! We will be living in a beautiful flat in a converted warehouse in Rotherhithe, about 4 minutes' walk from my current place. We've had to buy a load of furniture together and furniture is BLOODY EXPENSIVE. That added on to rent, deposit and agency fees means that when I log on to my Internet banking I have to turn my computer's speakers off else I hear the webpage crying. We did get a very nice dining table from the British Heart Foundation though (charity shop furniture is brilliant!) and saved about 350 on the one we were going to get from Harveys, so I think we'll be buying a sofa bed from Ikea with the change. Furniture together, eh. It's a good thing this is the one I want to marry.

I am also not allowed out tonight due to the episode that happened this time last year. Which was that the night before moving (a Friday, very much like today is) instead of packing I went for pizza with my friend Robin and, well, you know what a bottle of wine shared at dinner turns into don't you! In our case it was ending up in Bank station's very finest pub (its only pub, in fact, which often greets its punters with the aroma of sick), sambuca might have been involved - I know not - and upon stumbling home I began packing only to find myself laying on the floor and going to sleep. Needless to say when Ollie turned up at 8.00 am to help me move he wasn't impressed. And I had to move house with a hangover, which was horrible.

So I had my "Friday night" last night with Robin, which funnily enough involved pizza, wine and ending up at the Bank Wetherspoon's. No sambuca though since I was in court today, but I don't think I would have been in a fit state to pack last night when I got in. I did, however, in my mildly addled state decide to fix my bag's broken clasp by glueing it back together with Pritt Stick; a wise decision if ever I saw one

Not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight - too excited!

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