2018-05-26 | 8:09 a.m.

Dear Diary, two days ago I was in a shop changing room, sneezed and ACTUALLY WEED MYSELF. WTF? Who says pregnancy isn't all glitz and glamour? I've been doing (some) pelvic floor exercises, I swear. I loved how Tori put it when I told her though: "Never again will you bounce on a trampoline."

18 weeks pregnant today. Been feeling well since week 12 (other than constipation and needing to go to bed at 9.30 pm) so not going to grumble too much. I don't miss the rough/queasy feelings from week 6-12 (I only actually puked once, on my wedding anniversary of all days) and waking in the night feeling sick, which led to me leaving by my bedside a bowl of dry branflakes to snack on, like a sad offering to a Santa that's been banned from mince pies.

Occasionally wish I could drink booze, but it's been much easier ditching it than I thought it'd be. Yesterday Ollie bought me four bottles of fake prosecco that is delicious, hooray!

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