2018-04-29 | 2:18 p.m.

Guess what Diaryland, I'm having a baby! I decided against doing a Facebook announcement so it's nice to do a public announcement of sorts. If you're reading this then it means I'm happy you know (probably!), fully accepting that I'm sure my pregnancy is much less interesting to anyone who isn't me, Ollie and our immediate family.

I'm 14 weeks now (it's a tail end of October baby) so according to the Babycentre website it's the size of a lemon, a comparison I find most irritating since lemons come in all shapes and sizes. However I like that each week the growing babe is compared to a fruit or vegetable, even though I don't think I've grasped the concept well since when Ollie informed me at some point it'll be the size of a carrot I exclaimed, "Oh my God it's going to be so long and thin!"

One of my friends who has two children also warned me towards the end of pregnancy the size comparison goes awry, from watermelon to.....
adult duck, which is pretty amusing (as long as the baby doesn't come out quacking).

Have really gone off blood tests after a hugely incompetent one last time, which left my arm bruised for two weeks. Unfortunately I have to have a glucose tolerance test in about 10 weeks as my dad has type 2 diabetes and there could be a familial link. The glucose test is THREE BLOOD TESTS in one day, gahh! I suppose I can console myself with the fact labour is going to be a lot lot worse! Trying to decide whether to do a hypnobirth course my hospital is offering for £120 or whether it'll be a waste of time since I already know I want as much pain relief as they'll let me have.

More soon!

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