2021-05-08 | 6:59 a.m.

Tried to put Marmite on our online shop - there was none. Ollie tried to get it from our local shop - there was none. Apparently there is a shortage as it's linked to breweries and all the bloody pubs have been shut til recently, haven't they?

Have we not suffered enough?! What do I put on my toast now?? No More breakfast; more like break-FARCE.

I want to say things are fine and dandy but actually April was just utter utter crapbags. I feel so bad saying that too as I know things really are dire elsewhere in the world and my small personal troubles are so trivial in comparison. Anyway, this month things are improving (not feeling quite as depressed for one).

Me and Ollie took the bear to a children's farm/entertainment place yesterday during which we discovered he hates both the teacups and toy train rides! Wish I could still put pics on here as his expression on the train is priceless. He loved the ice cream though, as did I, and the we had a nice chat with the girl serving and she secretly gave us massive portions event though we'd only ordered a small.

Bear's just started saying "Get me up," repeatedly from his cot and it's my turn today so I gotta run.

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