These are my confessions
2010-02-26 | 3:07 p.m.

Inform the press! Shout from the rooftops! Eat an entire chocolate gateaux! THE BOILER HAS FINALLY BEEN FIXED!

After 11 long, cold days we now have 11 long, warm days before we move to Caledonian Road.

It's been unpleasant in our house and Jenn and I have managed to procure a nasty cold each as a result of sub-Arctic conditions and being forced to live without a shower, but it's all over with now and crikey, am I glad.

At least I have actually managed to wash myself since the boiler broke, with the assistance of showers either at the gym or at Stu's and we were in Devon all last weekend, mainly seeing OTTERS! (pics coming soon - unfortunately I'm writing this at work) as well as exploring Exeter and going to the beautiful beach at Exmouth. I can't talk about the arcades - they were disappointing in the extreme and have nothing on Norfolk's. On the 2p falls I won a keyring which looked like a flap of skin that might possibly have once been a human ear. Yak! I gave it to one of my workmates as a "present" who felt compelled to draw on a permanent-marker smiley face to stop it looking so sinister.

I also had an unfortunate moment in Exeter's finest Pound Shop (we go the the classiest places) whereby I proceeded to knock over an entire shelf of gold foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies, making an enormous spectacle of myself. At each attempt to pick one up another three would topple over, as if wannabe chocolate lemmings intent of having their ears snapped off on the way down to death. The boyfriend just stood there pissing himself, telling me, "I'd help you but it's just too funny to watch!"

I felt cherished.

One of the Old Bailey security dudes is retiring today so we're having a party at 4.00 pm and I am EXCITED! This will be followed by meeting my dad in Stevenage for a curry later tonight, hopefully not too pissed. We'll see, we'll see.

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