2015-09-14 | 7:06 p.m.

This summer the fun things I did mostly involved...

Visiting Deal in Kent:

 photo 006_zpsihhtbzjy.jpg

 photo 010_zpsbcgtudr8.jpg

 photo 015_zpssuwlybn4.jpg

Boating on the Norfolk Broads:

 photo 060_zpsi5lunczd.jpg

 photo 065_zpspnpcniju.jpg

Going to a chilli festival and finding a bat:

 photo aug1_zps5mldmzwz.jpg

Having Rachel come to stay.

(We forgot to take photos! But did manage to complete Mario 3 on the SNES without warp whistles. Ah, sweet achievement...)

And attending my cousin's wedding in Dorset this Saturday just gone. The groom is a farmer and the reception was on their actual farm! And what sort of wedding is it if your pet bull doesn't come along to enjoy the shindig?

 photo merlin_zps2rthug7d.jpg

And Ollie and I have finally made our own wedding invitations! Here are some of them:

 photo cards2_zpsccxwl1er.jpg

Don't be fooled by all the twine; the cards are 99% frustration and apoplectic rage. At one point I spilled water over a load of made up luggage tags, and just when I thought everything was going well I had the horrible realisation that the date of our wedding was nowhere to be found on the cards. After much time spent with head in hands I worked out it could be sneakily stuck on the mini bunting. Oh God, the bunting. Seriously, I hadn't even heard of that word a few years ago and had to ask Jenn what it meant. I thought the stuff was just called "small, cheerful flags" or something. But how times change! I am now fluent in arts and crafts. But enough is enough and we will be buying thank you cards from a shop or our trusty friend the Internet.

Off to Tenerife on Thursday which means all thoughts of cake, menu choices, and anything remotely nuptial related are going right out the window while I hopefully spend my days glugging pina coladas and dipping my pasty toes into the sea. Just two more days of work to get through, hurrah!

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