No driving home for Christmas
2020-12-21 | 6:34 a.m.

I need to write a couple of things down about the Bear because I probably won't remember them in a decade, and if I ever re-read this thing I can look back and smile, perhaps.

I always give him something to hold whilst changing his nappy otherwise it's tantrums ahoy, one such item being a little blue fan with an elephant on it. Not a ruffled Spanish fan but one with soft blades(?) that you generate by pumping a little handle on the side. Anyway, the whole thing fell apart the other day revealling a most spiky pin, and so it's had to go to the big safari for cooling equipment in the sky. But I want to remember that the Bear never called it a fan, but just "Elephant Wind".

I want to remember him saying, "This one has a tail!" about a pinecone with a stem adorning our Christmas garland going up the stairs. And yesterday when we took him round the streets to look at Christmas lights on people's houses, he pointed at the sky and excitedly announced, "The moon is on!"

I was/am maybe supposed to be meeting my friend in the park today, but the BBC is showing a two raindrop picture for where we live, which is serious stuff, so that's all up in the air and could mean a tiresome day stuck indoors.

Lots has happened since last time: mutant extra-spready coronavirus running amok here in South Essex, also in London and several other close by counties. We had been generously given by the government a five-day period of celebration and our plans had included Christmas Eve/Day with Ollie's family over, and Boxing day/27th in Stevenage at my mum's. My dad had sensibly said they weren't going to meet with anyone over the festive period.

Yesterday we were placed in Tier 4, which means no mixing at all over Christmas, and you can only meet one person outside (under 12s not included).

It would be inhuman to cancel Christmas! said our Prime Minister mere days ago, yet that's where we are now. I feel sorry for all the people who had their travel booked and paid for. We are flat and disappointed but think it's the right thing to do; it's just been executed so shockingly badly, Boris' toes should be curling with embarrassment under his covers.

I no longer feel cosy and Christmassy and have been re-watching Breaking Bad whenever a small window of opportunity appears for me to do so!

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