2020-12-29 | 2:28 p.m.

The NHS Covid app doesn't work properly - it pinged an alert the other day and said I had to self-isolate for six days. Now, had I been mixing with folk then this would have frightened the life out of me, but I HAVEN'T. It said I had an encounter on 22nd December with an infected person but I know I bloody well didn't. I spent the day alone with the Bear and we went to a place I know is deserted (esp at this windy, chilly time of year) for a walk and saw one or two other walkers from a distance. Plus a man sweeping, whose handiwork we admired from afar.

Ollie didn't leave the house on the 22nd but his app said he'd had an encounter too, so we're thinking our noisy attached neighbours have it as they've been oddly quiet since Boxing Day (a few occasional screams from the 8-year-old, but this is par the course) and the app doesn't know there's a brick wall between us. I'm happily ignoring it and have switched my bluetooth off.

I think the best thing about this Christmas period is that, no matter how rubbish everything is right now, it is totally acceptable to indulge in Pringles/pistachios/Fererro Rocher/millionaires shortbread/stubby beers/Kopparberg/liqueur coffee from about noon onwards on a daily basis. No wonder January is always so glum in comparison!

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